NFL Bye Weeks Schedule 2023-2024

The 2023-2024 NFL Bye Weeks Schedule shows weekly NFL byes for all 32 teams. Use the printer icon to download a printable version or click team names to view individual NFL Team Schedules. Be sure to also check out the NFL Season Schedule Grid to view all 32 teams and their bye weeks in a printable grid format.

2023-2024 NFL Bye Weeks Schedule:

Bye weeks are a week in the NFL where a team does not play in a game and has no matchup on the schedule.

The NFL season is a long and grueling process, and teams have one week to rest up. Teams will typically take this time off to heal from injuries as well as prepare for the rest of the season.

Every team gets one bye week each season. While it may fall on a different week than other teams, every team gets a chance to rest up for one week before finishing the rest of the season.

The number of teams on bye can vary. Early on there will only be a few, but as the season progresses more teams will have their bye.

NFL byes change every year, along with the schedule. If a team has their bye in Week 5, they may have their bye next season in Week 8.